Impact Training

We conduct energetic, engaging and effective training workshops to maximise the employment prospects of our candidates. Expect to move around, interact with others and rapidly improve employability. 

Industry Backed

We extensively consult with industry to ensure our training is always effective. Our consultation includes working very closely with all levels of government, industry associations, major employers, small business and local chambers of commerce. 

100% Customised

We customise all of our training to match the exact needs of the industry, the workplace, the job and the individual.


Capability Mapping

Identifying the participant’s likes and dislikes, abilities and constraints, strengths and weaknesses. Then training the ability to articulate this information then applying these into work opportunities. 

Resume Essentials

Building resumes that are the ‘best possible reflections’ of the student. Focused on adding value to an employer, this session is the tangible result of the Capability Mapping workshop and creates a canvass for future workshops.

Career Development Plan

Identifying activities to maximise career prospects in the short, medium and long term. Participants focus on experience building activities beyond conventional employment and training, e.g. extracurricular programs, hobbies, volunteering and personal projects. 

Personal Branding

Guiding the student on how to shape their physical and online presence to maximise career prospects. Includes training on the key social media platforms, their advantages and what to avoid. 

Finding Opportunities

Sourcing opportunities for the participants by identifying internal and external sources of employment, then learning how to leverage off it. Internal sources include the local community, friends/family and any groups or associations. External sources include job advertisements, recruitment agencies and government programs. 

Professional Presentation

Identifying the best way a participant should be presented in a professional setting, regardless of the industry or role. Includes training on what to wear, how to stand, body language and communication skills. 

Interview Training

Extending beyond the usual one-on-one scenario based interviews, the participant is exposed group and panel interviews and are tested on their strengths, weaknesses and ability to articulate their resume. This workshop goes further to train what to do before and after the interview. 

Resume Communication

Connecting the knowledge and practical experiences from the prior workshops into the communication skills needed to sell a resume. This workshop ensures the participant can openly discuss their strengths and value to an employer.


Can we try before we buy?

Absolutely, your first workshop is free! Job Skills Queensland offer a free initial workshop for all new clients, so you can enjoy the experience before any commitment.

Is the training expensive?

Job Skills Queensland offer incredibly affordable training. We do this by focussing on targeted training sessions that maximise the time used. We can achieve in one hour what other workshops require a full day.

Do you cater for specific needs?

Every workshop we deliver is customised to the individuals in the group and their employment needs. We consult extensively to ensure the individual always benefits from the training.